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6 Body Mortuary Refrigerator

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6 Body Mortuary Refrigerator


  • Precise temperature control system

  • This worldwide famous high-accuracy computer-controlled temperature system with original binding can maintain the temperature constancy in the box at 3±2℃ precisely.

  • The temperature set-value can be adjusted at -18℃~10℃(low temperature refrigerator -30℃~10℃), and the temperature display precision is 0.1℃, the resolution is 0.1℃ and the adjusting increment is 0.1℃. The value is to be displayed through three-digital high-brightness figure.

  • The system has special high-resolution temperature calibrating function. That means the set-value figure can be displayed and calibrated at -10.0~10.0℃. The calibrating increment is 0.1℃. The forced cold-air circulation system with intelligence-control fan can ensure the temperature uniformity inside the box.

  • Refrigeration system Import and adopt the original binding Germany DANFOSS (optional) high-performance compressor; Import and adopt the original binding “Bi-Sonic” double fan strongly against the low temperature and moisture; German “EBM” heat elimination fan; Fluoride-free refrigeration system for environmental protection to make green products and create green world.

  • Humanization design The interior and exterior shell of the refrigerator are made of high-quality stainless steel with high corrosion resistance and beautiful and luxury appearance. The insulating layer is made of imported polyurethane foam materials with high thermal retardation against cold loss. Adopt the high-quality gel strip for door gasket with strong ageing resistance ability, which can lengthen the service life of the door gasket. The number of the independent imported low temperature refrigeration system is same as the number of the corpse in one refrigerator, and each refrigeration system’s temperature range can be adjusted individually, and the temperature of each chamber is independent.

  • The bottom side of the corpse tray has many rows of small roller wheels for moving the tray easily. The internal and external shells of the refrigerator are made of high-quality stainless steel materials. Copper vaporizer cooling pipeline can guarantee the ultra-long service life.

  • The refrigeration system of each chamber is individually controlled, and the temperature can be adjusted without interference. The safe lock design can prevent missing-opening.

  • Wide voltage band is available for 187-242V voltage.

  • Dimensions: 2500×1650×1700mm

  • Weight: 600Kg

  • Please note: This 6 man mortuary fridge is not always held in stock. Please call 01937 326 007 to check just how soon we can get his delivered out to you for.




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